SEC Registration: 
SEC Date Registered: 
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
The APOSTOLIC SOCIETY OF SOVEREIGN FELIX M. MELGAR, is the first class organization of the church IGLESIA SA DIOS ESPIRITU SANTO SOVEREIGN. Where the late founder HIS HOLINESS SOVEREIGN FELIX M. MELGAR recognized the member of the organization classified as class "A" members for whom the love loyalty to propagate the words of GOD whose aims and purpose of the Society/ Organization of the church to bring the hearts of the selected and chosen members people of GOD in an Apostilic way, where many of whom belonged to below the POVERTY LINE. When the late founder of the church I.D.E.S before his death sometime in 1998, has verbally ordered in his well to the national officials of the society during the APOSTOLIC NATIONAL CONVENTION in 1997, held at the church ground in Maningcol, Ozamiz City, that the Society shall have to be registered to the Government agency at S.E.C , but unluckily this wasn't materialized immediately due to some circumstances after the death of the Supreme Pontiff in 1998, and there was internal conflict of the board of trustees and different issues that cause internal problem of the church leaders. But gladly thru the effort of the Sons and Daughters of the late Supreme Pontiff namely ROBERTO, REGINAH, MAJESTY REYAH TINA MARIE and VICTOR MELGAR, has finally registered the Society/ Organization to the SEC. R-10 extension office at Macasandig , Cagayan De Oro, City. In the titled name of APOSTOLIC SOCIETY OF SOVEREIGN FELIX M. MELGAR INC. registered dated on Sept 16, 2014 with the sec registration No. CN201433414. It is in the juncture that the undersigned attached herewith the list of BONA FIDE officers and members with their respective addresses to proved and to follow the requirements regarding the "CRASM" and benevolently ask your kind indulgence to grant us a "CRASM" or CERTIFICATE FOR REGISTRATION OF AUTHORITY TO SOLEMNIZED MARRIAGE. For our ministers under the Church Thru the APOSTOLIC SOCIETY OF SOVEREIGN FELIX M. MELGAR INC. with their SACERDOTAL CERTIFICATE, issued upon, and other documents required.